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Farm Houses

Hill View & Lake View Farmhouses in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Banquet Halls

Wedding & Banquet Halls in the heart of Rawalpindi & Islamabad


Static & Portable Marquees to suit your Events Requirements

Special Entry for Bride & Groom

Every Bride and Groom wants to make a special impression of entering the Event Venue. We provide and arrange all types of automated frames with lighting and floral decorations. For further information please consult our Event Manager for trending styles and if you want to present your own creativity. We have media cordinators to assist you with Lighting, decor and fireworks.

Farm Houses

We offer Lake View and Hill View Farm Houses within Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Large sized Lawns and Gardens to hold 1000 – 5000 guests. Best for Out-Door Barbecue and Entertainment Activities. Farmhouses are also suitable for Private get-togethers. We provide Multiple Energy backups for the event. If you require additional services for your Event than we privide the ultimate solutions for Out-door Events. Let our Professional Event Manager guide you through the process of venue picking according to your need and choice.

Banquet Halls & Marquees

We provide Banquet Halls and Marquees for your important events not only in budget but equipped with basic & advance services.  Male and female service staff for Event management especially Food & Catering for families. Car parking and velet service is a must at all our venues. We have our own Food Brand that provides Food Menu according to your Choice. We provide Accomodations on daily, weekly and monthly rental basis for guests coming from other cities and countries. We have a Car Pool that has all kinds of Cars & Vehicles availbale for rent for your events and tourism services. Feel free to call us and inquire about our venues OR services that you may require for your Event.    

Taj Hall - Rawalpindi
Taqreeb Marquee - Isb
Jans Marquee - Rwp
Raja Usman Banquet Hall
The Avenue Marquee
Westridge Marquee - Rwp

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